In only 12 weeks you will learn how to grow your dream professional organiser business. You will learn the little known secrets to this niche industry that no one wants to tell you that will make or break your business.


Learn focused tools to balance your life, so you learn how to find more time for yourself and your family Yes even as you expand your business!

Replace anxiety and overwhelm with  true inner clarity and fulfillment

Discover inner  confidence  and true fulfillment that only comes with knowing that you have the right ADHD  focused tools to guide your clients to live  their organised lives with their ADHD

Gain peace of mind as you learn specialised business systems that work for you

No need to break your head working out the technical, tedious admin side of your business

It’s so easy! You will get all client contracts, legal documents, and worksheets to keep forever

Join a warm, supportive community of caring, honest, growth oriented women. Get the support you deserve. Private facebook group for members only. Gain access to exclusive additional training offers

Take as long as you like to complete the course. Even when the course fee goes up, it will stay the same for you!

If  you don’t see progress by the end of the program, and you have watched all the videos and completed the necessary assignments within the 12 week period get back your investment fee


Through the training, I have gotten much more than I ever bargained for!! This course has covered a huge amount of information. I am delighted to have signed up, and I am now reaping the many benefits. The session content has been very in-depth. I am delighted with the number of clients that have signed on already. I am steadily increasing my client intake and phasing out my current job.- Surele Bindinger | London
I joined this course because of the high level of support and guidance that Faigy provides with the training, hands-on coursework and client recruitment. Learning the new information and working it through in my own home and with my practise client has been exhilarating. I am currently setting up my practice and I am pleased with the progress.- Hindy Beigel | London
I had a series of sessions training in time management techniques to give over to my clients. I have gained immensely in my knowledge of time tools, both for myself personally and for my clients.- Jacob Klein, Staff Therapist at The Center for Applied Psychology at Bikur Cholim of Rockland County USA.
Finding Organise Pro was finding my spark. Organising a cupboard or bookshelf is an exciting puzzle. We begin with a jagged mound of pieces - the objects that need to go in, the type of space, and the type of container that will provide a solution all need to fit! As with a puzzle, I feel immense satisfaction once I’ve finished and look at the ‘new picture’ that I have created together with my client. I feel that by training with organise pro, I have found the talents that I have to contribute and thereby found my place in the puzzle of my community.- Ruchy Lewin, | ondon
I have completed time management training. I have gained immeasurably. I have increased my awareness. I have learnt information that I didn’t dream would be covered. I am my own master over my day rather than my day being a master over me. I am no longer a slave to time. I have finally become on top of my tasks. Learning how to flexibly schedule helped me immensely. I now fulfill my day to fullest with far less stress than before. I maximise every day. I feel good and on top of the world, I feel energised and empowered to do more to do things l love to do, that I never seemed to have the time to do before my training.- Chavi Tambor, NLP practitioner and life coach | London
The program is unique since it focuses on helping the client learn how to change and make new systems in her home versus other organizers I spoke with who do all the work for their clients. The training material is fascinating. I have learnt so much. I now have greater insight into myself, and feel confident that I have the tools to give over to my clients to create long lasting change.- Suri Goldhirsch | Monsey USA


I hated unpacking grocery orders, I had to think every time where to put things, and didn’t have enough space. I didn’t know why this was such a bother for me. I had 2 phone consultations with Organise Pro. Through the assessment I realised myself what the root of the problem was. I realised that my cupboards were not organised. Things were there just because that was where I had placed them when I moved in to my house. I learnt some techniques and rules of how to organise my cupboards, from Organise Pro. I learnt the skills and once I had that, I gained the motivation to make the changes on my own. I made an outing to a housewares shop to buy some containers and gadgets, and got down to work! I really enjoyed exploring and being creative in reorganising my kitchen, and I have such pride now every time I open a cupboard. Every shelf and compartment is clearly labelled. I need to do much less thinking and can use that brain space for other more important stuff. Another thing I realised was that I am now packing away the washed dishes much faster and easier (unless my mother-in-law came to visit; they would stay on the draining board throughout the week…) now with my new system it’s as easy as a pie to pack them straight where they belong… Thank you very much for teaching me such good, effective and practical tips which I can see will last long!- Freidy Ostreicher | London
I attended a series of home organising courses run by Organise Pro. I gained an understanding of the fundamentals of home organisation. I also learned how to use a planner. This has saved my life! It has helped me balance home and work scheduling.- Shelley Bar Ilan | Teen's therapist | Manchester | Shelleytherapy@gmail.com
My wife had a series of hands-on organising sessions with Faigy. Since working with Faigy she has become much better at throwing away clutter. We have thrown away at least 150 black bags of clutter. She has created more space in our home. She loves the labelling machine. My wife has labelled almost everything in our home!! As a result it is so much quicker to find items and find the home where they should be put back. Through working with Faigy we have saved a lot of money. We don’t double buy anymore. My wife can found that it is easier for her to see what she owns in the cupboards. As a result she has realised that she needs to purchase less. I am very happy about that! On a rate of 1-5, 5 being highest I would give a 5* for recommending Faigy and her team to others!- Marc and Etty Field | Manchester
We just had bed-bugs in our house!! G-d sent the solution before the cause! My house was upside down – the exterminators emptied draws, etc. and it took over 10 hours to put it back together. Becuase you started me on the path to organizing my house, it was organized before this chaos. So, even when everything was turned upside down, there was a system in place for everything, and hardly anything we had in the house was “extra”. When I organized, I got rid of 40 bags/boxes. Now, I got rid of only 2! There were labelled bins, so everything just had to be put back WHERE IT BELONGED! I don’t think you realize what a much needed service you provide. If we hadn’t done all that de-cluttering and organizing it would have taken well over 20 hours, and I would have been paralyzed with an overwhelming feeling. Now it took 2 hours maximum.- Sorele Lowinger | Lakewood USA
I am the head teacher. We called Organise Pro to help us with sorting our school stock room. It was such a mess you could not enter. The total disorganisation was adversely affecting the school as teachers could not get the supplies they needed. We had no idea what was inside the black hole!! I was really embarrassed to show Faigy the mess. With her non-judgmental and upbeat attitude she put me at ease. She completed the work in the allotted time. 2 years on the systems have stayed!! The teachers are delighted with the results and the school runs more efficiently.- Mrs Kupetz | Beis Malka girls school | Manchester
I have learnt new skills. I have learnt how to sort out and get rid of my belongings. I have learnt how to utilise my space which is very limited. I previously thought that there was no way that I could find more space in my small 3 bedroom house. I can see now with the methods learnt from the sessions that there is always more room to be made. I have changed my mindset. I don’t hold onto items for long. I realise that I don’t need to keep so many items. Parting with my belongings has been emotionally wrenching. I have been supported and guided through the process.- Sarah Burkin | Manchester


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