I am Faigy Liebermann
I want ADHD focused
decluttering and
organising tools to be
accessible to all ADHD women


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The training will greatly benefit experienced professional organisers who want to deepen your knowledge about ADHD in women. Learn expert ADHD focused tools to upgrade your existing professional organiser skills.

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My wife had a series of hands-on organising sessions with Faigy. Since working with Faigy she has become much better at throwing away clutter. We have thrown away at least 150 black bags of clutter. She has created more space in our home. She loves the labelling machine. My wife has labelled almost everything in our home!! As a result it is so much quicker to find items and find the home where they should be put back.</p> <p>Through working with Faigy we have saved a lot of money. We don’t double buy anymore. My wife can found that it is easier for her to see what she owns in the cupboards. As a result she has realised that she needs to purchase less. I am very happy about that!</p> <p>On a rate of 1-5, 5 being highest I would give a 5* for recommending Faigy and her team to others!- Marc and Etty Field Manchester
It has been 3 years since I've been in touch with you, and even longer since I've taken your course, but I just wanted to let you know how I'm getting on! I found the course super-helpful in getting my home under control. My cupboards are neat and tidy, and I've minimised long-term storage items to the barest minimum. I still don't have any storage space in my tiny flat but I've made space in my cupboards, on the top and bottom shelves so we're ok. Thanks so much!- Chavi Klein London
Hi Faigy, I don't have ADHD, but love being well organized and so your course. The part about the executive functions is great (the rest of the course of course as well). The tip about shelves using as drawer by putting baskets and roll up your clothes is golden, thanks a lot. Had a vague idea something was wrong with my clothing closet, this was it. Now it is a dream, simply fantastic ! Good luck with your course.- Ellen Hemmes USA
I attended a series of home organising courses run by Organise Pro. I gained an understanding of the fundamentals of home organisation. I also learned how to use a planner. This has saved my life! It has helped me balance home and work scheduling.- Shelley Bar-Ilan shelley therapy@gmail.com
I hated unpacking grocery orders, I had to think every time where to put things, and didn’t have enough space. I didn't know why this was such a bother for me.</p> <p>I had 2 phone consultations with Organise Pro. Through the assessment I realised myself what the root of the problem was. I realised that my cupboards were not organised. Things were there just because that was where I had placed them when I moved in to my house. I learnt some techniques and rules of how to organise my cupboards, from Organise Pro.</p> <p>I learnt the skills and once I had that, I gained the motivation to make the changes on my own.</p> <p>I made an outing to a housewares shop to buy some containers and gadgets, and got down to work! I really enjoyed exploring and being creative in reorganising my kitchen, and I have such pride now every time I open a cupboard. Every shelf and compartment is clearly labelled.</p> <p>I need to do much less thinking and can use that brain space for other more important stuff…</p> <p>Another thing I realised was that I am now packing away the washed dishes much faster and easier (unless my mother-in-law came to visit; they would stay on the draining board throughout the week…) now with my new system it’s as easy as a pie to pack them straight where they belong… Thank you very much for teaching me such good, effective and practical tips which I can see will last long!- Freidy Ostreicher
I am the head teacher. We called Organise Pro to help us with sorting our school stock room. It was such a mess you could not enter. The total disorganisation was adversely affecting the school as teachers could not get the supplies they needed. We had no idea what was inside the black hole!! I was really embarrassed to show Faigy the mess. With her non-judgmental and upbeat attitude she put me at ease. She completed the work in the allotted time. 2 years on the systems have stayed!! The teachers are delighted with the results and the school runs more efficiently.- Headteacher Beis Malka Girls School Manchester


“Finding the Organise Pro Inner Circle was finding my spark. The many assignments on executive-function disorder and how the brain works have given me a window into my clients’- and my own-world, something that I don’t think any other course would have provided. The monthly phone calls with Faigy keep me on track and give me an opportunity to hear an expert opinion. Another benefit is beginning to see my own space from a fresh perspective.<br /> Organising a cupboard or bookshelf is an exciting puzzle for me. The objects that need to go in, the type of space, and the type of container that will provide a solution all need to fit with each other. Like with a puzzle, I feel immense satisfaction when I’ve finished and look at the new picture that I have created together with my client out of the jagged mess of pieces we had. I feel that by starting to train with organise pro, I have found the talents that I have to contribute and thereby found my place in the puzzle of the wider community.”- Ruchy Lewin
“The program is unique since it focuses on helping the client learn how to change and make new systems in her home versus other organizers I spoke with who do all the work for their client.”- Suri Goldhirsch
” I loved the fact that I could do work in my own time. I learnt lots of practical tips and good ideas on maintenance, many I use in my own home.” I find that no matter what my client wants me to do for her, I am well equipped with the knowledge of what to do and how to go about it.”- Esti Taussig
I joined this course because of the high level of support and guidance that Faigy provides with the training, hands-on coursework and client recruitment. Learning the new information and working it through in my own home and with my practice client has been exhilarating. I am currently setting up my practice and I am pleased with the progress.- Hindy Beigel London
Through the training, I have gotten much more than I ever bargained for!! This course has covered a huge amount of information. I am delighted to have signed up, and I am now reaping the many benefits. The session content has been very in-depth. I am delighted with the number of clients that have signed on already. I am steadily increasing my client intake and phasing out my current job.- Surele Bindiger
I learned so many tools that I would not have learned anywhere else. Training was practical and easy to implement. I am finding clients quickly and easily.- Esti Ungar


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The training will greatly benefit experienced professional organisers who want to deepen your knowledge about ADHD in women. Learn expert ADHD focused tools to upgrade your existing professional organiser skills.

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