Organised & Systemised NOT Neat & Tidy

The Secret Formula to Create Balance in Your ADHD Life

For all those stressed out ADHD business mums out there, listen to this piece of wisdom that I learned the hard way. You won’t hear from anyone else:
Being a mum means that not only do I need to rock up to my business every day, I also need to rock up and do my family duties every day. 

If I tell my children that they have no clean clothes to wear, the house is a tip, and there is no food in the fridge because I was working on my next online course, they won’t care tuppence… They want normality and stability. That is what I provide them.
 As an ADHD business mum, how do you balance it all?

You don't!

As a mum with ADHD, and 5 ADHD children, I have learned the hard way that it is totally OK to go incognito from social media for 1,2 or 3 weeks plus at a time during the summer holidays, and the recent Jewish Holidays, or when you are just not feeling up to it.
I have learned during these intense family times that the main focus is to DO THE RIGHT TASK AT THE RIGHT TIME. In other words “prioritise” and STOP stressing out…
And G-d is looking out for me.

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