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5 more common myths

Myth 6- The ADHD meds are really dangerous, and have so many side-effects that I will never give them to my child.

(This is a quote from a recent client.)  Many studies have been conducted on the ADHD meds and they have concluded that they are one of the most safest meds out there.

While active in your body they actually correct or compensate for the biological problem at the root of ADHD.  ADHD medications work well for 90% of the population.  While working in your body the ADHD meds can normalise the behaviour of 50-65% of those with ADHD, and result in substantial improvements in another 20-30% of people with this disorder.   Even though the meds are so helpful experts agree that those with ADHD need additional help from a certified ADHD coach to learn the vital life skills that they are lacking due to the condition.  An ADHD coach is a professional who has been trained to work with those suffering from ADHD.

If you or a family member has been diagnosed with ADHD you need to ask yourself Do you deserve to have a more difficult life than other people just because you were born with ADHD?”

Myth 9- If I give the ADHD meds to my child, they will be cured and I can move on with my life.

This is a very common adhd myth! It is false!

Research has shown that administering the ADHD meds helps with only a 1/3 of the ADHD symptoms.  The  other 2/3rds the person with the disorder needs coaching to learn the life skills that they are lacking due to the disorder. Parents approach me with the attitude that coaching will “fix” their child/teen.  They just have to sit back and let the coach do the work.  Coaching is much more than that.  I tell parents that they are the best coaches for their ADHD children.  By learning the simple and easy to implement tools they can literally change their lives and the lives of their children.  In my experience I have seen this countless times.

Myth 8- I can’t tell my family that I have ADHD because I am too embarrassed.  (Actual quote from an adult client.)

In the USA they have made great strides in addressing ADHD, and bringing it out into the open.  Unfortunately in the UK the stigma about ADHD is still so great.   I view this as a real tragedy.  Unfortunately I have seen the general Jewish view in the UK views ADHD as an untouchable disease, something to be highly ashamed of.  ADHD is generally viewed as a condition that does not exist.  This attitude is common in the wider UK population, but much more so amongst the general Jewish population.  Let’s present some facts that will help you understand that having ADHD is the same thing as having diabetes or a heart condition.

  1. ADHD is one the most treatable of mental health conditions.
  2. ADHD is genetic, so if you suspect that you have ADHD there is no need to be ashamed. It is not your fault.  You did not create your own ADHD.  Probably one or both of your parents have it. The statistics show that if you have ADHD  there is an 84% chance that one of your children will have ADHD, and you are 52% more likely to have at least two children with ADHD.   Jewish families tend to be larger, so the prevalence of ADHD is much higher

Let’s phrase it like this:

If you have a parent with ADHD, you are 8 times more likely to have ADHD than if your parent does not have ADHD.

Let’s face the facts.  ADHD is much more common amongst the Jewish population than in the wider world.  This is well known in the medical world.  So this number and the percentage in the previous paragraph is probably higher in the general Jewish population.

Myth 9- My child has ADHD.  If I just get more strict with them they will behave. 

Unfortunately this is not true.  The child with ADHD needs specialist parenting strategies.  Just “whipping them into shape” does more harm than you can imagine.  Parenting is a very challenging task.   Parenting a child with ADHD is many times more challenging.  If you have been struggling on your own, take heart, there is hope for you.  Through coaching you will learn tools to empower you and your child to reach their potential.

In the coming articles I will discuss what are the symptoms of ADHD and how they manifest in different parts of the population.

I will give suggestions for improving the ADHD symptoms.

If you or a family member suspect that you may have ADD/ADHD there is no need to suffer alone.  Your symptoms will not go away.  Without intervention they will get worse with time.  Simply call for a free half hour session and find out how coaching can change your life.

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Sources Dr Russell Barkley world renowned ADHD specialist

Dr Daniel Amen international psychiatrist

David Giwerc  ADHD coach



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