Organised & Systemised NOT Neat & Tidy

How to manage your business with your ADHD

Professional Organisers have a pretty stressful job.

Its really difficult to find the elusive balance in life.

I recently posted this on Linkedin that may shed some light on this topic.

The ADHD Brain needs more fun and interest than the neurotypical brain. As an ADHD business mum the more you put this idea into action in your life, without guilt and shame, the more successful you will be…

Monday morning, the start of the work week. What did you do this morning? 

Do you know what I did?

I did not sit in front of my computer doing work….

I did not work with clients…

I did not spend time preparing and filming my next online courses…

I did not do boring admin…

I went for an invigorating 2 hour brisk health walk with Gale from the wonderful Salford ranger team. 

And I refused to feel guilty or overwhelmed…

Gale is the ranger in Clifton Country Park, which is 5 miles from my home. 

Gale leads a weekly 5-6 mile group walk, exploring the beautiful countryside surrounding Clifton Country Park. You would never believe that you are in the centre of Manchester…

I spent this morning enjoying nature’s beauty, so there are no photos, because I was too busy immersed in the wonderful experience…

And you know, I got the same amount of work done today…

There have been a couple of seismic shifts in my life in the last few months. 

I have pulled through relatively quickly because I have taken the time and focus to look after myself.  And I took the time to do interesting activities that fired up my ADHD brain.

No one will do it for me. And no one will pick up the pieces when I fall apart.

Life is too short to wait for that perfect time to explore the world. Do it now, from your front door step. The only time you have is right now. Your future self will thank you for it.

What do you think I did after I came home from the walk?

I took a car load of stuff to my local dump…Decluttering is my top therapy of choice…More about that in my groundbreaking  books.

If you have ADHD, you need to inject more fun and interest in your work. If you find certain tasks too painfully boring to do, well don’t do them! Find a way to delegate them to someone else!

Your ADHD clients need to know just how important it is to inject interest in their every day activities, and work life.

And of course this includes decluttering and organising. The more that they can do this successfully in their life, the more they will succeed in life.

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