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Find out How I Brought More Light Into my Home Today

Today I took an old bed and a cupboard to the tip. I decided to revamp my guest room. Since there will be no guests for a while, (It suddenly dawned on me, that there havent been any guests for the last year and probably wont be for a while, so why oh why am I keeping an old bed and a half broken cupboard???
One’s clutter becomes invisible…until one has a jolt of awareness… Sigh…
I tried to find a home for them but there were no takings. I decided that my space is sacred. I need those things out! I thanked them in Marie Kondo style, and put them in my car.
They didnt fit.
I didnt give up. I put them out on the street, with a note telling all passersby to kindly take them. (My teenage daughter was SOOOOO embarrassed. My space outside my house is regularly filled with things for passersby to take…Most gets taken…)
Well no one took them so I decided to be brave and go to the tip. I have never been before.
My son showed me how to fold down the seats in an ingenious manner. Even my husband learned something new…Thats saying a lot…
I went BY MYSELF, twice! IOnce to take the bed and once to take the cupboard and two kitchen cupboard doors that forever keep on falling off. 
I feel very accomplished.
That room ( the spare room) is a bit of a mess now. Thats normal, its called “transitioning” There is always chaos when one moves from one stage to another. This is normal and to be expected… So I will have some more patience with myself as I work out where to put the misplaced things and how to organised that room in the best way for my life right now.
As my friend always tells me when I relate my latest decluttering achievements, “Now I have made room for something better to enter my home…”

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