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Manchester Attack and ADHD resilience

Fidn out my perspective on the manchester attack and adhd resilience.

It is almost 48 hours since the Manchester terror attack.  We live within 20 minutes walk.  We live on  hill.  You can see the building from our second floor.

Monday night was horrible.  We had to process the news, and we couldn’t sleep.  We are still processing it.  The children were up  a lot.  There were helicopters circling overhead the entire night.

We have all been directly, personally affected by the terrorist attack.  Our hearts go out to the families devastated by the attack.  May they receive comfort soon.

It would be so much easier to just sit and mourn.  We need to do that. However for the sake of the victims of the attack, we need to strengthen our faith in God, get up and continue with our daily life. This is so very much harder to do.

I have noticed an interesting phenomena with myself and my ADHD clients.  When we fall, however that may look, we get up, and somehow move on.  The ADHD personality has a tremendous amount of resilience.

My mother was a young child during the siege of Budapest and it’s liberation in 1945.  She remembers walking amongst the piles of dead corpses piled high on either side of the road, to her freedom.  I carry this legacy in my heart.  When I first heard the news, I thought, “So they have caught up with us. ”Then I had the image of my mother walking amongst the piles of dead to her freedom, and I thought, “We will get through this-somehow-no matter what.” I am Jewish.  I worry what the after effects of this attack will be for us all.

When I broke the news to my children, I had this image of resilience in my mind.  Yes, times are very challenging, horrifically so.  We feel the pain.  We are terrified for the future and the future of our children.  With faith we will get through, for better or for worse.

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