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Organise Your Home Like a Pro, Declutter your life will help you declutter your home and get your life back on track.  In writing this book my goal is to bring hope to those people and their loved ones who struggle with their clutter. Clutter weighs you down. Decluttering is exhilarating and mind-freeing. This book is the first in a series of home and time management handbooks, designed to help kick start your change.

This book is different to other decluttering books out there. This book talks about  the science behind your clutter challenges and how you can start to declutter.  Your difficulty with decluttering may be largely brain based. Once you understand the reasons why decluttering is difficult for you, you will be empowered to get up and move on. Once you understand the underlying reasons you will become motivated to declutter on your own. You will join the hundreds of happy clients before you who have independently decluttered their homes and started to live their lives.

Decluttering is a means to an end, not an end in itself. Decluttering opens up vistas of internal and external space that you never knew existed.

Another common declutter challenge is wanting the perfect solution to one’s problem. Another way of describing this would be perfectionism.  In coaching we have a saying “Perfectionism paralyzes progress.” In this world you will never get perfection. Only Hashem and His Torah are perfect. By our very nature we are imperfect beings. We make mistakes. All you can do is to strive for excellence or “The good enough state.” This is perfectly attainable for all of us. Just start to declutter and you will see changes happen in your life.

Yes, when you declutter, you are going to make mistakes. You are going to mistakenly part with an item that you may need again. And. So. What! Simply go out and buy it again. Remember,parting with your clutter and making the occasional (costly) mistake, yes it has happened to me many times, is the price you pay for your true peace of mind.

Opening yourself up to making mistakes may seriously take you out of your comfort zone. It probably makes you feel fearful.

We only start to live when we come out of our comfort zone. How many dreams do we have that we keep on pushing off because of fear?  Writing this book has brought me way out of my comfort zone. And you know not only have I survived, but I have thrived and developed myself in ways I could not have imagined.

I learnt that it is really easy to change one’s mindset, and at the same time can be very difficult. The realisation that change can happen may come in a flash of inspiration. The actual changes may take years to take root. Change happens from countless seemingly small insignificant actions repeated many times.

decluttering is a sure step out of one’s comfort zone!

Another declutter  challenge is this: Fashions change and we naturally feel that our clothes from last season are outdated. We feel compelled by society to go and buy new “in” clothes in the new season.

When we buy more stuff, do we bravely part with the old? Or do we wait in vain, our cupboards heaving, for the clothes to come back in fashion?

We need to start to value new experiences more than acquiring stuff.

We need to start to come out of our comfort zone and throw away our clutter. Parting with your clutter is the gateway to your life.

We need to value sharing experiences with others more than acquiring the latest fad.

Ask yourself, are you the sum of your stuff or your experiences in life?

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