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set realistic goals and stick to them

Here are some pointers to help you set realistic goals and then stick to them!

Clarify your goals.  Draw your goals in picture form.  Visualise how your life will be different when you have implemented those goals.  If you like to journal, then write your goals and be as specific as you can.

Keep your goals in sight. It is so easy to get bogged down by life and forget one’s goals.   Hang up your goals, keep them in sight and refer back to them often.

Dramatically lower your expectations.  If you would like to train to run a marathon, it is unlikely you will be able to run in the next marathon which is a month away, unless you have done a couple of month’s training.

Diversify your goals. Many people set goals for work, yet they fail to set goals for their personal lives. Make sure you set goals that feed your passions and that will you joy and inner satisfaction.

Your failures are your biggest assets. We learn by experiences.  Your mistakes will be your best  self-teaching moments. Be brave and look at your mistakes squarely in the face. Learn from them and move on.

Set goals that are right for you.  How many of us set goals that other people have set for us or expect us to reach.  We are bound for failure.  Have the courage to set the goals that you would like to reach.

Plan for realistic time frames. Understand that it may take you longer to achieve your goals than you originally planned.  Have patience with the process.

Regularly go over your progress. We all need a mentor who can look at our goals and achievements objectively.  Review your progress regularly with a friend or mentor to ensure you are on track to your personal success.

Celebrate your successes not matter how small. We tend to think in all or nothing terms. Perhaps you have not achieved all that you would have liked. Focus on what you have done right and this will fuel your motivation to achieve more.

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