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organise your home like a pro declutter your life

Organise your home like a pro-declutter your life.  We are delighted to announce the publication of our book, “Organise your Home Like a Pro-declutter your life” This book is different to the many decluttering books available.

Other books tell you what you are doing wrong and what you should be doing right.

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Organise Your Home Like a Pro  tells you the science behind your clutter challenges. It delves into the hidden beliefs that sabotage your best attempts at decluttering. This book discusses the executive functions that may be holding you back from your decluttering success.

Once you understand the underlying reasons behind your challenges you will become self-motivated to get up and declutter your home. There is a “How to declutter ” section in the back of the book to help you get started.

The next book in the series will discuss “Systems.” Remember you need to declutter first and then get your belongings organised into appropriate systems.

Clutter can be very overwhelming to face and part with.

This book breaks down the many different categories of clutter and puts them into different boxes in your brain.

When you break down the task into small steps then you are able to overcome the feeling of overwhelm and parting with your clutter becomes doable.

Yes you can do it on your own!

I often get asked what are the most common declutter challenges you have come across with your clients?

I have had my clutter challenges. When I was growing up the unwritten rule at home was “Value everything you have and use it. If you can’t find a use for it, just find a use, no matter what!” We parted with clutter with difficulty. That does not mean that our home was cluttered, not much. It was just the attitude that was just in the air.

My family fled Hungary after WW2 to start life anew in the UK. Their family had been living in Hungary for over 400 years, and had fled from Spain during the Spanish inquisition, where they had lived for hundreds of years. So they were pretty comfortable in Hungary. I grew up on stories of what my grandparents had left behind for the Germans to take, simply because they had to flee and couldn’t take the heirlooms with them. And still more stories about the valuables that got lost or broken during the journey to England. I could sense my family’s longing for a lost era.

I see many different aspects of the holocaust mentality in myself and my clients.

I see this in very young clients. They absorbed this belief from their parents and even their great grandparents.  It’s the belief that “You can’t part with this item because you never know when you will need it.” Another common holocaust mentality is “You never know when you will have to get up and run, this item may become useful one day.”

These two most common beliefs really stop one from decluttering.

Clutter makes one’s home dark and heavy.

We are lucky that we live in peace and can afford to part with items. I now part with items that no longer serve me quite easily, but it took thousands of small actions to get here. As long as we are alive we are striving to move forwards in life.

Self-awareness is the key to change.

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