Organised & Systemised NOT Neat & Tidy

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Do you know what success looks like?

I know what my success looks like!

My success looks like this:

Its paying a fine of £50 because I did something careless; its double booking two clients for the same time, and I regularly check my google calendar; its rushing and taking a misstep and hobbling in agony for the rest of the day; all in one day… its wearing a new shawl to a social event and coming home, seeing the label still attached…

My success looks like this:

Its reassuring my son when he made a mistake, that he was not terrible or bad, or stupid, he was simply human, and as humans we learn best through our experiences and our mistakes…

Accept your mistakes – the key to your life success

The more I accept my mistakes and laugh at myself in fascinated horror, (“Faigy I can’t believe it, you’ve done it again! When will you learn…”) the more I accept the mistakes of my family and friends. The more I can help them see the power that their mistakes have in helping them move forward towards their goals.

After all you learn far more about yourself through your mistakes than through formal teaching, that is if you can silence the inner critic long enough to allow the lessons to percolate through your consciousness…

Face it if you have ADHD (like me) you are going to make more mistakes …

Would you like to share what your mistake was today? Lets face it Dr Russelll Barkley says that those with ADHD make more mistakes, due to the quieter mind voice.
So it is to be expected that you will probably make more mistakes than those neuro typicals out there. We are all here to cheer each other on.

Sign up for coaching and get a grip on your mistakes. Learn how to use them to truly propel your forward towards your future.

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