Why did I write my book “Organise Your Home Like A Pro?”

My first book is out, “Organise Your Home Like a Pro” is now available on Amazon. This is the first in a series of handbooks, designed to help you reach success in home and time management.  This book is titled “Declutter Your Life.”

Many times the reason for writing a book is fueled by real life experiences and struggles.

When I first started working as a professional organiser I noticed the following frustrating perplexing situation.  I would work successfully with a client decluttering her space, and the next week I would return, we would be back to square one and minus!

This happened week in week out, with client after client. This got me really disheartened and perplexed.  I was determined to get to the bottom of this.

I started observing clients and friends and I noticed some patterns emerging around their beliefs in the area of their clutter. I noticed that their beliefs fuelled their actions.

I bring you the results of my observations in this book.

When reading this book you will understand why your clutter builds up in the first place and how you can get rid of your  clutter once and for all. You will then be equipped with tools to start decluttering your space and your life.

Decluttering is very therapeutic and is the doorway to your life success. Try it and you will be hooked!

Buy it NOW.

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