Mindfulness benefits many areas of life.

Mindfulness has been proven to benefit many areas of life.

Mindfulness practises have been shown to improve physical health and mental wellbeing, as well as successfully managing long-term chronic physical conditions. Studies have shown that in business there have been increased production levels and reduction in stress.


A study at Johns Hopkins on the benefits of mindfulness meditation and its ability to reduce depression and anxiety found that the benefits to the brain  were the same as antidepressants.


Mindfulness helps alleviate stress and social anxiety. There have been programs set up to specifically cater to the subgroups of anxiety and social anxiety with dramatic results that stay after the initial 8-10 weeks course.


Mindfulness has a significant effect on certain regions of the brain associated with addictions.  With smoking mindfulness has been proven to have a stronger effect than conventional methods.  This may be in part due to the fact that in mindfulness training one rides the wave of the craving and the participants detached themselves from the craving, so the craving does not lead to smoking.

School performance

Where mindfulness practises have been instituted students have reported increased productivity and focus. Students have found mindfulness practises have helped to cope with exam stress, bullying and enhanced focus skills for studying.  Students who used mindfulness techniques reported higher levels of wellbeing and lower stress scores. A San Francisco high-risk school found that after instituting a twice daily mindfulness plan there was a marked drop in suspensions and absences.

Children have been found to engage in more acts of compassion after mindfulness practice. In one study, preschool children were asked to give stickers to kids in a group that included children they identified as liking, not liking, or not knowing. Initially, most were given to friends. After participating in a mindfulness program, the same children handed out the stickers more evenly among all the groups.

The criminal justice system has used mindfulness techniques. HMP Brixton, London, a “Mind/Body workout Group was set up. This was based on successful mindfulness interventions in prisons in the USA.


Women have reported significantly reduced anxiety after practicing mindfulness to help them manage symptoms.

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