Organised & Systemised NOT Neat & Tidy

Most items you possess have two lives or more…

I recently had the pleasure of decluttering my books.

When I first started my business, I was advised to have a selection of resource books on ADHD and home organisation to give to new clients. Well after a while of doing this, my clients told me that they were not interested in any more books. They were sick of books, sick of signing up for courses that didn’t give them the answers that they were looking for.  My clients wanted personalised tools that would help them move forward past their blocks in life.

I now give my clients my two books on decluttering and ADHD…

My books sat in my storage room for about 3 years, unused. When I would pass them by, I would sigh… They were weighing me down…what a waste of resources…what a waste of money…

One day I decided to bravely tackle them.

I filled up two bags, one for the ADHD books, and one for the home organising books. I took them to my local library, the Broughton Hub. Tony, the very helpful librarian, was delighted with them. Now the Broughton Hub will be the best stocked library in Salford on home organising and ADHD resources…

Decluttering has a knock-on effect.

One direct benefit from my decluttering purge was that I now had 2 empty storage boxes. I used them to store my sons extensive wooden train set, that till now had been stored in bags…

I wrote a short inscription in each book. I got some comments from family members,

“Mum, if you are so professional, why are you writing in your messy handwriting? Why don’t you get labels made? The answer to this is “Perfectionism paralyzes progress!” If I wait till I print labels, the many steps needed to do this will just overwhelm me, and I will NEVER get the job done. Much better to just do it right away to the “GOOD ENOUGH” level.

What do you have in your home that you haven’t used for a while? Can someone else make use of it?

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