Organised & Systemised NOT Neat & Tidy


The only idea you need to know to get organised

Do you want to get organised? Are you fed up with your mess and chaos? Do you know why you really and truly want to get organised? It’s just one word:


Time is constantly moving on. The seasons are slowly moving forward, day by day. Your life situation is changing each day, ever so slightly. Within the confines of your day, you are always moving forward; coming home, going out, shifting tasks. These are all examples of transitions.

Let me tell you a little known secret. If you can handle these transitions well, then you will be so more productive in your life. If you know how to smoothly move through one stage, no matter how small, to the next, you will be calm, focused and get so much done.

Back to my original question. If you work on decluttering and setting up organising systems, then you will have a tool to help you transition, and move smoothly through your life.

Still don’t believe me? Let’s go through the following scenario:

The chaos of life

You need to leave the house for work. You first take the children to school. You are late. The school bags are strewn all over the floor. The breakfast table is laden with plastic cereal bowls, (you never have time to wash up.) Spilled milk and cereal are on the table and the floor.  You can’t find your car keys or your phone. Your son reminds you about the £2 that he needs for his outing.

You can’t take it anymore and you lash out, screaming like a banshee. You forget that the front door is open and all your neighbours can hear you…

OK so maybe your home did not look so bad this morning, but you can surely relate to this on some level.

So you want to get yourself organised. You are fed up with the mess, and fed up with living from one self-made crisis to another. You are simply fed up of being you, and you want change now.

The first advice I will give you is this:

Launch pad

Create a launch pad area in your home. A designated place that you commit to keep your children’s school bags, and your workbag, with your phone and necessary items.

You may need to get a handy man to knock some strong hooks into the wall. Label each hook with your children’s name. Label your hook as well. Their coats and school bags always but always live on these hooks. Ideally the launch pad should be in the hallway in between the kitchen and the front door.

The next time you need to leave the house and your are late, hopefully it will be easier to find your and your children’s things as they will be either on the hooks or somewhere near those hooks…

We will deal with the kitchen mess for another time….

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