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The three secrets to your clients organising success

When I work with clients, the organising tools are the least of my concerns. When I work with clients the first area that we address together is the client’s beliefs. During the initial assessment we sit down and have an informal chat. I have a chart that the client fills in.  In my opinion, the more boxes that she ticks on the chart, the further she will move forward in her quest for organising success.

Organise Pro is the only professional organising training company that always addresses the root of our client’s disorganisation challenges. When you train with Organise Pro by understanding the root causes of your clients clutter and challenges setting up home systems, you will  instantly know how to help her and how to tailor the tools that you have learned during training to show your client how she can reach her organising success, and most importantly to maintain it.

You will learn proven methods and tools that equip you to best serve your clients with confidence allowing you to build your business to the levels of your goals. You can be confident and have the peace of mind that your tools will serve you across a diverse range of clients, and ages and life stages.

Let’s focus on one of the main mistaken beliefs that clients often have to overcome when organising their homes.

1.Your client may have the mistaken belief that she should be doing more exciting activities with her time.

Life today moves more rapidly than ever, and will continue to move faster. As your life progresses, more demands will be made on our  time, whether at home or at work. If your clients are organised then they will move forward in your life with calm and confidence. No matter what life throws at them, they will handle it and stay on course. Those who are disorganised will get overwhelmed, flounder, and drown.

Did you know that the average person spends 1.5 hours a day looking for misplaced items and papers? By adopting the systems you need to declutter and get organised, you can maximise your personal and work time to spend it doing the things you love. Do you want to waste time finding lost items or feel stressed from your surrounding clutter? I know that I don’t!

Life is getting busier. More demands are being made on your time now more than ever. You can no longer afford not to be organised. Being organised has become a fundamental and necessary survival skill, and is the foundation of your life success.

2. Your client believes that when she will will finally declutter and set up systems in her space she will lose your freedom of choice and be caged in by those very systems that she has set up.

When one is organised, one will have even more time and freedom to pursue the activities that energise and revitalise and nourish one’s soul. My clients tell me that they are finally be free to pursue their reams. My clients’ lives are proof of this.

3. Your client believes that when she will finally get rid of her clutter and get organised she will have to work exceptionally hard to “discipline herself to be disciplined,” and she will constantly be tidying up and throwing out.

According to the National Soap and Detergent Association, getting rid of clutter eliminates 40% of housework in the average home. (I personally believe it is around 60%) When your client discovers organising solutions that suit her needs, she will spend far less time tidying and maintaining her systems, and more time on the activities that give your client joy.

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The Organise Pro Inner Circle, a 12 week totally affordable online professional organiser program, the only program in the world that really prepares you to work with your clients by addressing the root of your client’s challenges, ADHD and executive function deficit and giving you declutter and organisation tools that work with your clients unique needs.

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