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I have just been away with my family for our annual summer holiday. I love coming home. Do you know why? Since we have been away for a while  I am less emotionally attached to my belongings. As I unpack and get the house in order I look through various categories and it is so much easier to purge, meaning throw out!

I go around my home and I look at my possessions with fresh perspective.

I have so far filled up 2 black bin bags of clothes belonging to myself and my children to give to my local charity shop; an old kettle that I kept for some useful time in the future; my two sons old karate clothes and gear; folding camping chairs and picnic blankets that we haven’t used in 2 years; a cracked laundry basket; some plastic containers, and lots more.

Take haert, the next time you go away, schedule a decluttering session for when you get back. You will be amazed at how much renewed energy you will have, and most importantly how your perspective will shift simply from being away from your belongings for a while.

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The Organise Pro Inner Circle, a 12 week totally affordable online professional organiser program, the only program in the world that really prepares you to work with your clients by addressing the root of your client’s challenges, ADHD and executive function deficit and giving you declutter and organisation tools that work with your clients unique needs.

The program is suitable from existing professional organisers to novices, and also suitable for self-help as well.

Crazy opening offer of £85! The bespoke 121 program is £2,500! All the same videos and worksheets! Yes you have read right! Why am I doing this? I want to put more positive energy out there and make a difference in the world, especially the ADHD world.

There is even a money back guarantee, yes for the crazy offer as well!

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