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clutter to minimalist

Find out what inspired me to change from cluttered to minimalist. I have had my clutter challenges.  When I was growing up the unwritten rule at home  was “Value everything you have and use it.  If you can’t find a use for it, just find a use, no matter what! We parted with clutter with difficulty. That does not mean that our home was cluttered, not much. It was just the attitude that was  just in the air.

My family fled Hungary after WW2 to start life anew in the UK.  Their family had been living in Hungary for over 400 years, and had fled from Spain during the Spanish inquisition, where they had lived for hundreds of years.  So they were pretty comfortable in Hungary. I grew up on stories of what my grandparents had left behind for the Germans to take, simply because they had to flee and couldn’t take the heirlooms with them. And still more stories about the valuables that got lost or broken during the journey to England. I could  sense my mother’s longing for a lost era.

I see many different aspects of the holocaust mentality in myself and my clients, and I have had to work mightily hard to overcome them. I now part with clutter that no longer serve me quite easily, but it took thousands of small actions to get here. As long as we are alive  we are striving to move forwards in life. I am not a minimalist yet, but on the journey.

Self-awareness is the key to change.

Find out more in my book “ORGANISE YOUR HOME LIKE A PRO-Declutter your life.”

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