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Gain the confidence you need to work with your clients.

You won’t need to second guess which of professional organising business activities are generating ROI, because you will learn exactly where to start and what to do to take your life and income to the next level. When you sign up for our training program you will achieve your goals faster and with less effort and become your personal best. Throughout your training get the support you need through our team of experts who have the experience get you through the comprehensive training as quickly as possible.

Do you know that many of your clients say that they want to get organised, but they will never ever succeed. Do you know why? They are simply too terrified of what will happen if they will finally succeed and declutter successfully and set up workable systems.

Is your client afraid of success?

Too many people have a fear of success. Perhaps your client doesn’t know what you’re their success should look like. Perhaps she don’t know what she will do with her time once she has successfully decluttered her home. Perhaps she is simply floating through life, and is subconsciously relying on her excuse that she is so disorganised so that she can hide behind really facing herself?

This fear of success is far more common among your clients and in the general population than you realise. During your training you will learn how to conduct the initial client assessment. This is the very first session that you meet with your client. You need to establish certain boundaries and gently establish the root causes of your client’s disorganisation.

Since every person is unique, with their own unique circumstances this session is crucial. Only when you are armed with this powerful knowledge can you ever hope to succeed with your client.

Does your client hoard to hide from people?

Some people hoard to subconsciouslyy hide from people.  Your client may complain that she really does want people to come and visit, yet her habits are constantly sabotaging this from ever happening. Her clutter forms a “cave” of sorts where she goes to retreat from the world. Those who have this issue may be suffering from anxiety and past trauma.

I have only ever seen this occur once with a client. She was on the Autism spectrum. Just as an anecdote, I explained this during a workshop, and a participant related that her brother, who is on the Autism spectrum also suffers from this idea. It is quite rare, yet does exist.

Does your client feel comforted by her clutter?

For your clients their clutter is comforting. One client related that her clutter was talking to her. Her clutter reminded her of past happy times. If she would part with her clutter she was terrified that she would forget that memory. I gently supported her to record her memories via photos and journaling. In this way she gradually became more confident to part with her clutter. She was happier for it too.

Are you fed up with your current job? Is the stress of juggling your work and your family too much? Are you read to change careers? Do you have a passion for organising? Do you want deep inner fulfillment without compromising on your work and home values? The Organise Pro Proven System is the only program in the world that provides creative women in the time management & organising field, with the support and tools to become the go-to experts without compromising on their family and work life, whilst achieving their dream income in as little as three months.

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