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Jump start your 2019. Learn to declutter your home and your mind.

I am delighted to share the latest developments from Organise Pro.

I am so excited to share my next event with you! Start 2019 with a bang! Get your clutter sorted and create inner space for what is really important. Meet me at the Digital Garage, Manchester on Friday 18th January 10.30am  for a one hour powerhouse session to jumpstart you with your decluttering.  And it’s FREE

Do you want to reach your goals, but you fed up with too many false starts to count? Do you really want 2019 to be the best year ever?

I will show you how you can create your success.

It starts with your clutter.

Clutter is any item that previously served you well, and now no longer serves you towards your life purpose.

Let’s face it most people (myself included) wear 20% of their clothes 80% of the time! The other 80% is weighing you down…like a ton of bricks, preventing you from moving forward.  You could chuck put half of your possessions and not even notice that they are gone!

It doesn’t matter if your clutter is staring you in the face, or hiding deep in the recesses of your cellar,  your clutter is taking up precious head space and is stopping you from becoming the person that you dream to become.

Meet me at the Digital Garage on King Street, in Manchester town centre on 18th January 2019.

I will show you tips and tricks from the pro on how to overcome that emotional hurdle, that block that is stopping you from parting with your clutter.

Here I am in the above picture with Andrew Rafter, one of the expert Digital Garage mentors. I am deeply indebted to Andrew, Alex, Scott and Joe for all their valuable help and advice. My business has moved up massively due to the digital advice  that I have gained  from the 121 sessions and the expert FREE workshops that the Digital Garage provides.

I am so excited to be able to give back a little to the Digital Garage.

Click here to book your place. Limited places.

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