I am Faigy Liebermann

I am passionate about helping women just like you to regain your inner confidence and fulfillment in life.

I have had my dark times. The times when I doubted whether my business would take off. The times when I had deep regrets about my business choices. The times when I lost large amounts of money to programs and advertising campaigns that just didn’t work.

The pain of my failures has propelled me to look for the light. I have found it.

You know what they say, “Successful people make the most mistakes.” And it’s true! I have made far more mistakes and learnt so much from them. I don’t want that to happen to you!

I am now handing you my tools and wisdom prepared on a platter for you to enjoy. It is that simple. Yes, it is so simple and easy  to set up your very own professional organising business, when you have the right understanding and tools.

I have created the Organise Pro 3 Step Proven System. The only system in the world that will show you how you can set up your successful professional organising business in as little as 3 months! Yes read that again, 3 months!

Join the Organise Pro Inner Circle and join an international support network of like-minded inspirational women.

Launch Your Professional Organise Business in as Little as 3 Months!

My Journey


The 12 week program has been set up to move you from not knowing anything about this topic to becoming the go-to expert so that you can launch your very own professional organising business.

All the steps are included. Nothing is left out. You will never be floundering in the dark, wondering what to do next. All the steps are very clear and easy to follow.There are printable checklists and all the sheets you will ever need to use with your clients.

Benefits of The Organise Pro Inner Circle

The Organise Pro Three Step Proven System is the only program in the world that provides creative women with the support and tools to become the go-to experts as professional organisers. Achieve your dream income in as little as 3 months!! Read on and find out about The Organise Pro 3 Step Proven System, the root, the tree, the fruit.


You will learn tools to Organise Pro that don’t exist anywhere else.

This course will give you the meat and ones – no fluff and false promises like other courses out there. We genuinely want you to succeed!

You will finally  put the pieces of the puzzle together and you will find your inner fulfillment.

This program is designed  so that you can train with ease, without the overwhelm and pressure of juggling your training and your family commitments.

The course is clear and very easy to follow

You know, successful people make the most mistakes.    Well I have made thousands of mistakes, far more than other people! This is proof of my success!! Through those mistakes I have perfected The Organise Pro 3 Step Proen System. I have struggled mightily to reach this stage. I now bring to you the perfected  System so that you can get clients quickly and set up your professional organising business smoothly and easily. The tools you will learn at Organise Pro are unique to us. They do not exist anywhere else.

Discover the Organise Pro 3 Step Proven System


You will learn about the root of your client’s internal challenges, the real reason why they want you to organised their home, and they may not even be aware of it themselves. You will understand ADHD and Executive Functions in depth.

You will build your business on the firm root of the following areas:

  • Discover the secret  to understanding your clients’ organisational challenges, and learn how to work successfully with them, so that you give your clients tools for life.

  • Learn how to create your  unique investment package, and how to smoothly and easily  turn your callers into your clients.

  • How to carry out the Initial Client Assessment, this sets the fundamental tone for all your future sessions with your client.

“The program is unique since it focuses on helping the client learn how to change and make new systems in her home versus other organizers I spoke with who do all the work for their client.”

Suri GoldhirschUSA


Learn the latest up-to-date declutter and organising tools that work.

You will learn tools not found anywhere else:

  • The Exact  System to organise any space.

  • Discover the secret to your clients’ successful home organisation.

  • Learn the proven method to help your clients part with their clutter.

  • The Simple 5 Step System to organise  and maintain paperwork.

” I loved the fact that I could do work in my own time. I learnt lots of practical tips and good ideas on maintenance, many I use in my own home.”

I find that no matter what my client wants me to do for her, I am well equipped with the knowledge of what to do and how to go about it.”

Esti TaussigUK


You will have access to a comprehensive range of courses in addition to The Organise Pro Inner Circle.
Receive the support that you deserve as you establish your professional organising business via our members facebook group.

You will not flounder in the dark like you have done until now, trying to piece together a plan that doesn’t work:

When you sign up you will receive 24 hour unlimited support via our closed facebook group.

6 WEEK  COURSE – HOW TO ORGANISE PHOTOS. Double your value to your client and offer more than just organising.

8 WEEK COURSE  – HOW TO WRITE AND PUBLISH  YOUR OWN BOOK PRO.  Learn how to transform your experiences into a book. All the steps included in writing your book plus kindle, formatting and self-publishing it on Amazon.

4 WEEK COURSE – TIME MASTERY PRO. How to maximise your time so that you can get far more done in your day with more focus and internal peace and focus on giving your best service to your organising clients.

4 WEEK COURSE – BUSINESS PRO. Discover the 4 Step System that enables you to set yourself up in your business and become the go-to expert  in your chosen field.

3 WEEK COURSE – WEBSITE SET-UP PRO. A Step-by-step guide  how to set up your own website.

6 WEEK COURSE – SOCIAL MEDIA PRO.  How to use facebook to get clients on board with little hassle and stress. Revealed how to use twitter to generate more leads.  linkedin demystified and how to use it to get more clients.


“Finding organise pro was finding my spark. The many assignments on executive-function disorder and how the brain works have given me a window into my clients’- and my own-world, something that I don’t think any other course would have provided. The monthly phone calls with Faigy keep me on track and give me an opportunity to hear an expert opinion. Another benefit is beginning to see my own space from a fresh perspective.

Organising a cupboard or bookshelf is an exciting puzzle for me. The objects that need to go in, the type of space, and the type of container that will provide a solution all need to fit with each other. Like with a puzzle, I feel immense satisfaction when I’ve finished and look at the new picture that I have created together with my client out of the jagged mess of pieces we had. I feel that by starting to train with organise pro, I have found the talents that I have to contribute and thereby found my place in the puzzle of the wider community.”

Ruchy LewinUK


The 12 week program has been set up to move you from not knowing anything about this topic to becoming the go-to expert so that you can launch your very own professional organising business. way to launching their very own professional organizing business.

All the steps are included. Nothing is left out. You will never be floundering in the dark, wondering what to do next. All the steps are very clear and easy to follow.There are printable checklists and all the sheets you will ever need to use with your clients.


When you train through The Organise Pro Inner Circle, you will gain the confidence  that only comes with being equipped with proven solid client and business tools.

You will have the peace of mind knowing that  you will understand how to set your fee and deal with challenging clients.

You will become the go-to lifestyle coach expert. You will become more authentic as you don’t need to cover up for your incompetencies and fears because there are none!!

Your husband, family and friends will see the renewed you and your ability to drive your life forward confidently.

You will become known as an expert in your chosen field

The Proven System will give you the tools you need. You will have access to a supporting community of caring and dynamic women who want to assist each other as you move on with your new career.

You will learn proven methods and tools that equip you to best serve your clients with confidence allowing you to build your business to the levels of your goals.

You can be confident and have the peace of mind that your tools will serve you across a diverse range of clients.

When you join our member’s program, you’ll be rewarded with support and guidance 24/7 as you proceed through the training and set up your business. This will provide you with the confidence to move forward quickly.

Don’t second guess which of your time management or organising business activities are generating ROI, learn exactly where to start and what to do to take your life and income to the next level

Achieve your goals faster and with less effort and become your personal best.

Throughout your training get the support you need through our team of experts who have the experience get you through the comprehensive training as quickly as possible.

Join our Inner Circle right now and launch your professional organising business in 3 months

You must see that you can have a better life, a better career, but you’re not sure where to start, but realise you need help and guidance toward that goal.

You must hold yourself to the highest standards of integrity. If that’s you, then, what are you waiting for? Sign up now!

You can do this the long, painful and frustrating way that will get you nowhere. You know, get some free stuff online, patch some info together from a few books. I have done that with no success. Or you can do this the short, easy, fun and super clear way.