Organised & Systemised NOT Neat & Tidy

This past summer I was away on a family holiday in Wales for 2 weeks.

Even when you are on holiday it is possible to keep focused on your  goals.  If you spend only a couple of minutes a day on your business, even when you are away, will help you to transition back to regular life when you get back from your holidays.

This is a top business success secret that many people with ADHD don’t know.

My ADHD constantly threatens to sabotage my best efforts. I work mightily hard to balance my work and home life. Don’t think for a moment that it is easy. It is a constant daily struggle.

So how do I manage to get so much done? The secret… I get up early (and of course go to bed early as well… sorry there are no shortcuts here.) There is nothing like that early morning refreshing feeling. I work from 6am – 8am, then I turn off my laptop and put on my “mum” hat for the rest of the day… So what have I worked on this past week?

My first achievement, I have completed my webinar for the BDA for my forthcoming webinar for the BDA-British Dyslexia Association. Scheduled for Tuesday 12th November 2019 7:30pm – 8:30pm. Book your place here

My second achievement while on holiday this week is I have just finished streamlining my youtube channel and I have uploaded short and focused videos that I created, with unique ADHD content up till February 2020. The secret to how I got this task done – consistency. Move forward little by little, but keep on moving, doesn’t matter how small the steps are. Watch one of my more popular videos about ADHD in women. Subscribe and receive weekly videos on how you can live your ADHD success life.

My third achievement these last 2 weeks is I have almost finished creating an online course for Udemy on home organisation. Watch this space… So how do I achieve all this?

1.I do things to the “good enough” level (about 60%) and I improve as I move along. Perfection is not in my vocabulary. Remember, “Perfectionism Paralyzes Progess.” I don’t allow those perfectionistic thoughts to paralyze my progress…

2.I am consistent  as much as possible, in my efforts. So even when I don’t feel like it, I am up at 6am (ish…) to get my work done.

3.I push through and find a flexible solution when there is a problem and there have been many this past week. I don’t get fazed by failure, I use the tools I have learned to just move on. Change is about the little almost insignificant steps that move you forward to your goal. It’s about have the self-awareness to get up when you fall, not staying stuck. It’s about forgiving yourself for your mistakes, and gathering the inner strength to move on.

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