What fear has taught me

About Myself

What I have learned along the way

I use the ADHD tools that I learned along my journey to guide my clients and trainees to handle the internal overwhelm and external chaos.

Through the many years of hard work, and sheer will power I have turned my inner critic into my inner best friend. I now live the successful ADHD life.

Through the training program you will learn how to teach your ADHD clients to create their simplified, organised life. Yes, even with their ADHD.

Even with my busy family life, and the mess that is constantly being created, there is only ever one layer of mess in my home…I still live from one self-made crisis to the next, and they are many…

I now use the tools I have learned to laugh, learn, and move on. 

As a wife, mum and businesswoman living successfully with ADHD, I am proof that ADHD women worldwide can live their ADHD success life.

I realised early on, that getting organised and learning to manage my time was the root of my personal and busines success.

I searched high and low for the answers to my disorganised inner and outer chaos. I couldn’t find those answers anywhere. I read so many self-help books on decluttering and home organisation.

They did not resonate with me, they actually made me feel worse.


“Successful people make the most mistakes.” Since I have pushed through so many FEARS and moved so quickly along my career path, I have probably made more mistakes than the average woman.  Success equals mistakes…

I don’t need to get my business to the perfect level, I just need to aspire to be good enough… (98% of my work with my organising clients is on combatting Perfectionism/Imposter Syndrome. This is a very strong ADHD trait.)

“The way you use your time equals your business success.” Your business success doesn’t happen in a flash of magic. It happens slowly, minute by minute by the seemingly small almost invisible choices that you make. Your decision to press the snooze button for that extra 10 minutes, means that you don’t manage to do your Yoga time that day. This directly impacts your productivity, creativity and overall mood. Yes, it’s not fair, but such is life…

To succeed in business, FEAR needs to become your constant companion. So many women mistakenly believe that if they experience FEAR then it is a sign that they need to back off. The opposite is true. If you are feeling fearful around a new business venture, and your FEAR is accompanied with some excitement, you are on the right track… FEAR is my best friend. I am constantly moving forwards in my career. I now put FEAR in my back pocket…and move through to the next stage. FEAR stands for false expectations appearing real. Fear is just a reaction to your false beliefs.

When you have moved through your FEAR, you see that there is no FEAR, only a deep inner peace, and satisfaction.