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I’ll tell you what my greatest achievement is this week:

Not that I have finished the final draft of my second book, “Own Your ADHD – Discover your True Potential,”
Not that the laundry was all put away last week, ready for the new week’s cycle;
Not that I cooked nutritious meals for the family; and stayed patient when some children ate and some complained…
All that is great, but my biggest achievement is:

Mending four garments for my children

A button came off two garments, the fur needed to be sewed back on my daughter’s coat, and a hole needed fixing.
I absolutely HATE sewing with a passion, too detailed and fiddly.  I feel sick and green and horribly anxious just thinking about it. So I DON’T! I delegate the alterations to a wonderful lady who comes to my house every 3 months or so, and does the lot. 

And I have zero guilt about doing so. I am actually pleased that I delegate this task. I have more emotional space to do the tasks that I am good at and I enjoy.  I don’t try to tackle every single task in my life, especially the ones that I HATE!

She wasn’t coming for a while, so I forced myself to get those tasks done. 

It has taken many many years to banish that inner critic, that hidden enemy that chips away at my inner peace and productivity. I do not need to enjoy doing every task out there. I don’t need to be top level at every task that I need to do. 

This is how I managed to get my tasks done

There are those times in the day that I call, “Nothing times” when I can’t get any proper work done, because there are too many people around me, or too much going on. During those “Nothing times” you can actually get a lot done. You can get a lot of “mindless” tasks done, those tasks that don’t need a lot of thinking input.
If you are upstairs with the kids, you can put away laundry; if you are downstairs in the kitchen, you can get a lot of mindless kitchen tasks completed. 

The night before I intended to tackle the alterations, I took out the sewing box, and the clothes and threaded a needle.
So when the children came home from school, when they were settled, I started tackling the sewing.

I cheered myself on as I progressed, I DID NOT focus on how much I had left to do, or how sick I felt, but on what I had achieved, and how wonderful I would soon feel. I SPOKE LOUD to myself encouraging myself to continue, even if that looked a bit odd. My family is used to me speaking loud to myself.

I repeated positive affirmations  to motivate me to keep on moving forward.

I did not allow myself to get distracted by anything. Any requests from family members just had to wait. I told everyone that I just had to finish this task, and I would be available. Some younger family members didn’t like it, I just continued till the bittersweet end.

In 10 minutes, all done!

How do you get this level of success in your life?

The various separate tools that I mentioned above took many years of patient perseverance to develop. If you want to master a challenge pick something small and stick to it!!! Its the consistency that will drive you forward.
Remember, little by little you can upgrade your life.

Your success in your life is measured by how much you can get past your internal blocks and do those unpleasant but vital tasks, necessary  for your success.

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