Why did I write Organise your home like a Pro?

Read here about my frustrations in writing this book.

Here is another reason.  My business coach. When I first started my professional organising career, I was sure that my business would take off, clients would be knocking down my front door, and life would be a breeze.

Then I landed feet first. I experienced the struggles first hand of starting a business.

After 2 years in this fashion, I was fed up and ready for change. I decided that if I was anyway putting in so much resources, and effort into this business, I may as well do it right the first time. When I found a business coach, and from that moment things changed.  Uncertainty was  turned into confidence. I am now confident that I am  heading on a projected path.

My business coach helped me set realistic goals for my business. Some of these goals were easy to accomplish and some were not.  He asked me to set a “stretch goal,” a goal that would stretch me way beyond my comfort zone.  At first I could not think, then the words just burst out, “I would love to write a book. Ouch, did I just say that?!”

I am now presenting this book to you. Organise your home like a Pro-Declutter your life.

is out now onAmazon and all good bookselling websites.

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