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1. How do I know that beoming a profesional organiser is for me?

  • Are you dissatisfied with your job?
  • Are you looking for change?
  • Do you have a passion for organising?
  • Do you dream of changing people’s lives?
  • Do you enjoy working with clients, building a deep long lasting relationships?
  • Do you want to increase your income?
  • Do you want earn a stable income?

If you have answered “yes” to the above questions, then this course is for you!

2. How is the Organise Pro Inner Circle different to the other professional organiser training programs available in the UK?

Most of your clients will have (undiagnosed) ADHD and executive function deficit. They will probably not realise it. The regular decluttering and home organising methods do not work. If they do work, your client will be unable to sustain them long-term.

The tools you will learn are all ADHD focsused. Most importantly they work. In this way your clients will feel empowered. You will feel empowered because you see that the program works.

The Organise Pro Inner Circle is the only professional organiser training program in the UK and possibly worldwide that openly addresses all the tools for the ADHD brain. This is the secret of our phenomenal success.

3. I have never heard of this industry. Is there really a demand for your services?

Yes there is! Since you are not yet in this field you haven’t paid attention to this.

4. Is this considered a luxury service? Are most clients on the higher income scale or are lower income groups also using professional organisers?

The national community is fast realising that organising is a necessity not a luxury.

5. What will I learn?

Through  the training program you will transform your life by first applying the declutteringa and organising skills in your own home and then teaching these skills to your clients.  You will need to carry out the ideas learnt on yourself and a practice client. 

6. What if I want to expand into another sub-area of professional organising?

There are many ways to develop yourself in this field.  The potential going forwards is huge. To name a few areas of expansion, you can work 1-1 with students setting up their first time home. You can work 1-1 with clients who are downsizing, or moving house. You can work in offices and schools.

7. I am already a professional organiser. Will this course help me?

Most certainly! Guaranteed you will learn new tools and methods that you can start to implement right away. This course will expand your awareness,  and give you the tools you need to work with many different client scenarios.

8. I would like to work as a professional organiser in schools. Is there potential as some schools may have a limited budget?

Schools are seeing the great value of hiring a professional organiser.  Once they see the value of what you are offering they will be happy to pay for your services.

9. Is this a stable line of work?

Yes! A typical organising client stays with your for average 3 months.  Most graduates

ease themselves into this slowly. They keep their existing work, and start with 2 clients.

They gradually phase out their previous job, and take on more organising clients.

10. I am concerned that the training will be too difficult/I won’t have time

The training program is clear and thorough, with attention to the many details necessary to become an expert in this field.  The training program covers the topics you need, plus lots more.  You will be very well prepared for your new career.  1-1 mentoring is included in the course fee. If you want to go over some of the material again, you can always sign up again for another 3 months.

11. Once I have qualified, how will I get the support I need to establish my business?

Its a fact-90% of new businesses fail in their first year.  I want you to succeed. When you sign up for training you will have the option to sign up for the yearly subscription for 12 months mentoring sessions.

There is a special offer for this, contact us to find out more.

12. Can I earn a sustainable income?

This is a professional service.  The starting fee is £30-50 per hour depending on where you live.  Sessions are  2 hours long. You can easily earn £70 per 2 hour session.  If you only have 2 clients a week, you can already earn £140.  That is just for 4 hours of work. Calculate how much more you are earning compared to your current wage.

13. How do I sign up?

Simply click on the sign up button on this page. You will be taken to the secure payment page. Once you have paid you will get instant access to the course for 12 weeks.

14. How will I get clients?

The course covers this. You will get bespoke 121 guidance when you sign up for the monthly mentoring sessions.

15. I really want to do this. I jsut haven’t got the time right now. Later on in the year I will have more time to spend training.

This is the lie that your brain is telling you. The only time you will ever have is NOW!!  Is this excuse a cover up for fear? Fear stands for false expectations appearing real! Thinking that you will have more time at a later date is simply not true.  Perhaps you would benefit from some time management skills to help you manage your training.

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