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How do you motivate your client to declutter?

Your client needs you. Do you know why? She has called you because she simply can not declutter by herself. She gets overwhelmed by the sheer volume of her stuff.

She has trouble decision making. She has problems starting. She has an issue with internal self-motivation.

At Organise Pro you will learn how to combat the above common client problems. You will learn how to easily, and quickly motivate your client so that she will successfully declutter her home.

Another common challenge that you will find is that your client may start out so enthusiastic. She knows exactly why she needs to organise her home. She can clearly envision in her mind’s eye why she needs to set up systems. You anticipate this client to be an easy one, and the sessions light and motivated. However you are shocked and totally not prepared when she texts you, 4 sessions in and cancels her commitment with you. If you would be untrained, you wouldn’t have a clue what to do next.

When you train with Organise Pro you will know exactly what to do. Not only will you know what to do, but you will be prepared for this very scenario, and you will base all your sessions on this, so that these types of very common scenarios will not happen to you.

You will teach your client how  to motivate Here is a secret tool that I use with my clients to help set their motivation.

The timetimer

I use the Timetimer. If you live in Europe the distributing agent is Robo toys. .Here are the contact  details. and I personally found them very helpful and efficient.

I recently received my latest order. I use these amazing timers for my family. I have one upstairs hanging next to the tooth brushing station. I have one in the kitchen and one in the playroom. I like the 12 inch the best as it is so big. The 8 inch is great value and I take it with me to client sessions. I encourage all my clients to buy at least one.

Use the timetimer as part of the fabric of every session

During sessions I encourage my clients to focus on one small part of the room that they will declutter. Then they set the timer to not more than 30 minutes at a time. More than 30 minutes and their motivation starts to wane, and overwhelm usually follows. By using the timetimer and doing it every session you help your client to set her own internal motivation. She will feel more positive during the sessions and will be less likely to stop prematurely.

What are the advantages of the timetimer?

The timetimer shows time passing in a clear visual way. Digital timers are useless as they only show the current time.

The three phases of time

The timetimer shows the three phases of time, past, present and future. Your client often has a difficult time assessing time. The timetimer helps your client ground herself in space and time.  There is a hook to hang up the timer, so it is visible in the entire room. There is a loud buzzer that sounds to announce that time is up. You can choose to turn off the buzzer if you so wish. The buzzer on the 12 inch timer is so loud, I can hear it two flights up. This is so important because one of the common challenges that your clients face is that they ge easily distracted  and move onto other tasks. The loud buzzer pulls back your client to the current task. The timer is robust and will withstand travelling to your many clients.

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