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Find out my book struggles

“Organise Your home Like a Pro” is out now on Amazon.  . Have you heard of the  GG syndrome?  (Greener grass syndrome!) People think that other people have an easier life/more perfect  life than themselves.

Let me bust some myths here  People who write books, don’t just magically cook them up overnight. Writing a book is a difficult, challenging and stressful task.

I have struggled mightily to get this book written, on time, and in a clear and easy to read style.

It has not been easy.

You ask me how I managed to juggle writing this book, and caring for my family, and manage my business plus more?

Here are some answers:

For four months I attended very few social functions. In my community that is a big deal. The only times I appeared at a public event was for my children’s “Parent teacher meetings” in school. And yes, this meant that some people may have gotten offended at my non-attendance of their social events. So-be-it! At stressful times, we need to prioritise. Let me add that I did make it a point to call the person and wish them well, or buy a cake and send it in before Shabbos with a personal note.  I learnt that there are other ways to share with another person’s simchas.

With lively teenagers in the house Boruch Hashem, I get no peace in the evenings. I could struggle to write the book. But instead of pining away for the good old days, when the kids used to be in bed by 7.30pm, and the whole evening stretched out before me,  I decided to create more peaceful time in my day.

I simply went to bed earlier, yes, read that again! It can be done! I try to get to bed before my teenagers, and I get up earlier, average around 5.30am most mornings. Ahhh… nothing like the peace of early morning, the birds chirping, the potential and creativity at that time is indescribable…except when my 5 year old wakes up at 5.30am and decides it is morning! These and more were my daily challenges while writing this book.

My book struggles entailed that I needed to be at peace with an unfinished project for a  very long time. I like to get things done, finish a project, and move onto the next one. Writing a book is different as it stretches on for a long period of time. During this time life must carry on as usual.  I had to accept this, and understand that even when I was itching to write, I had to have the patience to stop and do other important life tasks. This  was a huge learning curve in patience.

You want to know the most important idea that kept me sane over the past few months? I decided to approach all tasks with an “It’s good enough to be good enough” attitude. I learned to aim for excellence, not perfection-without guilt.

My book struggles were real and I expected and accepted my mistakes. Not an easy feat to achieve, we are still on the journey.

Buy now and find out more.



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