Lets face it. You love what you do. You love decluttering and organising. You love showing your clients how they can transform their lives. You are perplexed, and ashamed. You can’t seem to reach your ADHD clients. Is there a magic secret? Yes, there is. Is there some vital piece of information missing that you don’t know about? Yes there is.

Are you a Professional Organiser? Have you tried to help your ADHD clients to declutter and organise their homes with limited success? The regular tools just don’t work. With your ADHD clients.  As soon as they taste success, they are back to Square one or worse… Are you confused? Do you want to know more about ADHD in women and what ADHD tools really work? You have come to the right place! Your ADHD clients need you!  

There is so much confusion, misinformation and lies about ADHD. It is my mission to educate, empower and enlighten Professional Organisers with the ADHD truths and ADHD tools that you need to guide your ADHD clients to live their successful ADHD life. As a mum with ADHD, I acutely aware of the organisational struggles of ADHD women. I have searched long and hard to find the ADHD truths and the ADHD tools that work for me and my ADHD clients. Find out more about my ADHD journey here. 

In the webinars below you will turn your confusion about ADHD to clarity. The knowledge will give empower you and give you back your confidence in your ability to help your organising clients find their long-term success. You will learn many little-known ADHD truths and tools that you can immediately use to confidently move your clients to their success. In the process you will become the go–to ADHD organising expert; easily taking your business to the next level and beyond.

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Executive Functions and ADHD

£199 £149 | 2021-03-16

In this Masterclass you will learn In-depth knowledge about executive function deficit. You will learn concrete, and focused tools to help your organisnig clients get and stay motivated. Do you want to feel more confident that you can handle any, yes any client scenario? The secret to your confidence and your expertise is to understand […]

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Virtual Organising For Experienced Professional Organisers

£199 £149 | 2021-02-10

This Masterclass is a cut above the rest. You will learn ADHD specific methods how to move your business virtual. You will gain true inner confidence as you move your Professional Organiser business virtual and you support your ADHD clients. You will learn clear and guided methods in the following areas: Your ADHD clients find […]

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