Virtual Organising For Experienced Professional Organisers

In this two hour Masterclass you will learn the tools you need to gain confidence in your ability to carry out a successful virtual organiser session with your clients.

You will learn clear and guided methods in the following areas:

How to work remotely with your clients. How to conduct a Virtual Organiser session via Zoom with confidence, and get more done this way.

How your clients’ brain development affects their ability to get organised and stay organised.

You will learn how to hold your client accountable when you are not seeing them in person.

How to set your fees so that your fees reflect the value of your offering.

How to easily sign up Virtual Organiser clients.

“Faigy’s course has so many gems in it, you’ll need to go back a few times to collect them all! She provides a framework for the virtual organizing sessions, how to keep clients engaged and moving forward, self-development for you, and different options on how to build your business. The Virtual Organiser Masterclass is a worthy investment for anyone who wants to not only offer their clients a different way to organize, but also grow your business and cultivate self awareness.

I finally feel like I have a solid foundation on how to do virtual organising now!”

Debbie Reutter USA, “Organize with Debbie”

“Wisdom is free. However It is the most important commodity in the world.” You deserve the best. You deserve to start your Virtual Organising business on the right foot.

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